Santa Cruz to Monterey

1 Oct

We are slowly making it down the California coast. Today there was a gale warning offshore, which gave us great sailing conditions in the Monterey bay, with 15-20kts winds. We had an awesome downwind sail from Santa Cruz to Monterey and got a slip at the marina here. We even found the Trader Joe’s right away!

Santa Cruz was a quiet, cute, beach town, although it totally empties put during the week. Here are some pictures we took:



Seals hanging out by the wharf:



Lazy or Narcissistic?



And of course the ‘Tsunami’ waves, which fortunately were only about a foot, registered by our electronics. The Tsunami was caused by an underwater earthquake all the way by Samoa in the South Pacific. Fortunately they have pretty fancy alert systems in place, and they were able to tell it was going to be only a minor surge on the California coast.