Monterey to Morro Bay

8 Oct

We started our trip from Monterey a couple of days ago with a short trip to Pebble Beach and spent the night anchored in Stillwater cove, right next to the golf course. It was fun to come in from the Sea, after having been there just the day before by car. We enjoyed a spectacular sunset and an almost as spectacular steak 🙂

Carmel Beach:IMG_0339

At anchor in Stillwater Cove, overlooking the Pacific Ocean:IMG_0388


Monterey was a lot of fun, but it was time to get South. We spent almost a week there, enjoyed our time visiting the city and surroundings, and attended a friend’s beautiful wedding in Menlo Park. Congratulations Sonya and Erik!

After Pebble Beach we headed towards Morro Bay. We decided to get away from the lee of the land and headed away to sea to be able to get some wind and sailing in. We sailed most of the way, with the moon and stars shining over our path. We arrived in Morro Bay right after sunrise, with dolphins playing in our wake.

Sunset over the Pacific:IMG_0428

And sunrise 🙂



The famous Morro Rock:IMG_0459