A cloudy day in Mexico

25 Nov

Today we woke up to clouds and a chilly wind in our anchorage in Calleta Partida in Isla Espiritu Santo. The same Pineapple Express that’s dumping tons of rain over the Northwest is sending wisps of clouds thick enough to block the sun over the Sea. There is a bizarre attitude inversion regarding the weather since we turned the corner at Cabo san Lucas. Although it’s only been a couple of weeks since we reached the Sea of Cortez, sunny and warm has become the norm, so a cloudy, cool day is a fleeting event. Much like a sunny day in Seattle is a rare occurrence during the winter and not to be missed.

So what does one do with such a day? It’s perfect for running errands, everything from running the generator to recharge our battery bank to making water to cleaning the boat and doing laundry… in our washing machine of course since the generator is running anyway 🙂

Tomorrow will be a new sunny day, I’m sure!