Cruisin’ in Tenacatita

16 Mar

Much has been written about the buckets of fun in the sun one can have in Tenacatita Bay. Brian’s blog Summer Camp in Tenacatita describes all the different ways one can have fun with other cruisers on the shores and watery ways of the bay.

The last couple of days were quiet in comparison in Tenacatita. More and more boats leave every day heading back North taking advantage of the weather window that just opened up and of the lull in the Northwesterly winds. Some of them are even heading South, back to Barra, Manzanillo and beyond to Central America. After the crazy antics of the numerous charter power boats and their afferent jet skis that poured into the bay just for the weekend the silence is more than welcome.

I don’t know if it was because of that or because it was a mostly overcast day, but we were regaled with the most amazing wild life spectacle today. There were numerous schools of mantas circling our boat, and a small pod of dolphins cruised in frolicked around the boats for hours. I actually jumped in and tried to swim with them, but they were gone by the time I got close. Most probably they were embarrassed out of their tails to be seen with such an ungraceful swimmer trashing around in the water… 😛 So I had to content myself to swim with the small mantas. And a puffer fish. 😛

Mantas circling our boat:



Dolphins cruising in the bay:



Trying to catch up with the dolphins:


Swimming with the mantas: