Pelicans in Trees

18 Mar

We have had the most amazing wild life display in Tenacatita Bay the past couple of days. The dolphins came back and woke us up the other morning by surfacing and breathing right next to our bedroom window. Of course I jumped in and I actually got to swim with them! Well, mostly they got to swim around me… I could hear their echo-location clicks as they were approaching, it was the coolest thing! Then, a whale came and proceeded to jump out of the water right in between two sailboats anchored right next to us.

So we decided to take nature-matters into our hands and try the “Tenacatita Jungle Tour” again with our dingy. The tour goes through a mangrove-lined channel all the way on the other side of the outer bay, where you can cross by foot to the Palapa lined beach and go snorkeling in the “Aquarium”, so dubbed by our friends for the amazing coral reef and fishes you can find there. The trip was tons of fun, we saw lots of birds and even a baby crocodile at the end of the channel. The most amazing thing were all the pelicans hanging out in trees. Seeing these huge birds doing a balancing act in the small branches lining the shores was pretty eerie – like they didn’t really belong there and they got pasted into the picture by mistake. Once we got to the outer bay we snorkeled our fins out, had the most amazing plate of ceviche at one of the Palapa restaurants and made new friends with some local dogs. We even had some excitement on our way back when the tide was getting pretty low, but eventually everyone had a successful re-launch through the surf!

On an unrelated matter, it also seems that we have spent enough time in Mexico now that I started drinking beer and we both started tolerating spicy food!

Bella Marina at anchor in Tenacatita Bay. It’s one of the only places in Mexico where it’s so green it reminds us of the Pacific Northwest:


More dolphins:


Entrance to the Jungle Tour behind the jaggedy rocks:



Pelicans in trees:



Various other birds in trees:




Driving through the mangroves tunnel:


Rush hour in the Jungle:


Mini Croc with Coca Cola bottle:



Snorkeling in The Aquarium:







Sampling the local ceviche with friends:


Debbi and Bill making friends with locals while we were waiting for gasolina to be delivered from somebody’s back yard… Aaaah, adventure.


Pacifico taking the trip back through the jungle:


Made it over the sand bar and through the surf:


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