Turtle Bay – more than half way!

7 May

We’re currently anchored in Turtle Bay after two days of travel from Mag Bay/Santa Maria Cove. The weather window stayed opened a couple of more days, so we decided to sail on after a brief stop. 450 nautical miles done, 350 to go! We are now past latitude 27 degrees North, which is officially outside the hurricane zone with almost one month to spare until the season starts. This also means much cooler water. Cool green water with seals frolicking in kelp have replaced the warm bright blues of the southern latitudes.

Turtle Bay is a very protected bay where we can wait at anchor for the next round of light NW winds and get some well deserved rest. It looks like we’ll be here for at least 4 or 5 days. It’s also a popular fueling and rest stop for boats bound both southbound (lucky ones!) and northbound. The coast of Baja so far has been spectacular. Miles and miles of jugged desert mountains shooting skywards from the sea alternate with miles of wind and surf swept white sand beaches.

The rest of the trip will be split in 4 or 5 day segments all the way to Ensenada, where we will check out of the country and get the boat zarpe (Mexican exit papers) in preparation of entering San Diego.