Ride to West – Day 1

6 Jun
Country roads
Alexandria, VA to Charleston, WV (368 miles)
It’s been a while, since I did a motorcycle ride  to east.  Lots of stuff has happened in between. For one, we left California and moved to Hawaii, but more about that later.  For now, it’s time to ride my Ducati Multistrada 1100 S back to San Francisco and complete the cross country journey.  This time, Octavia is coming along for the trip, so the bike will be fully laden.
Motorcycle, riding gear, saddlebags and toolkits were all sitting waiting for us in Alexandria, so once we arrived by plane, we were ready to pick up where we left.  Luckily, I did some good work on the bike before leaving it for the winter, so it fired right up and was ready to go.  Thank you Petter from the past.  I love it, when that guy does it right.
Our first day was a long day and we put in 360 miles, not arriving until late afternoon in Charleston, West Virginia.  Our T-mobile phones were roaming on AT&T with a 50 MB limit, so we quickly felt like we left civilization, having no Internet for the first day.  Still, we found our way.  We played the song and it took us home. :). Gotta love West Virginia, with its beautiful roads through green lush woods.