Ride to West – Day 4

7 Jun

St. Louis, MO to Kansas City, MO (248 miles)

After such a wet ride the day before, it was good to wake up to sunshine and dry roads.  In fact, it was hotter than ever, predicted to reach 90 during the day.  I prefer hot to cold, so not a problem.  Sadly, my shoes didn’t fare so well in the wet.  They’re old and are starting to come apart in the seams.  At our first stop, I taped them together with Guerrilla tape.  There!  Permanently fixed!

It was a hot day of riding and we quickly became exhausted, so we pulled into a hotel early.  After dropping the luggage, we rode to the closest grocery store to get some food.  When coasting in first gear, I could hear an awful metal grinding noise coming from my bike.  When starting the ride this morning, it felt like the bike slipped a little in first gear, so now I’m wondering if the gear box is done for.  After inspecting the bike, I find that the chain is extremely loose.

I spent the rest of the evening on Google.