Ride to West – Day 6

8 Jun
Cold Mountains
Colby, KS to Boulder, CO (253 miles)
Determined to take advantage of being ahead of schedule, we got an early start. Rain was predicted in Boulder in the afternoon, so we were racing to get there before the rain.
It was much colder today, in fact, it was the coldest day so far. On our first gas stop, we geared up with liners and sweaters to try to stay warm. Besides being a bit cold, the ride went by fast and we arrived at the outskirts of Denver just a little after noon. By then, my phone had died. It’s mounted on the bike as a GPS and I think moisture has gotten inside and it no longer wants to charge. I’m starting to long for a day without anything breaking.
When we got to Boulder, we stoped and got some food and a peek at the city. Boulder reminds of us Palo Alto. There’s a awesome little road just outside that looks like a picturesque mountain road with streams and cabins, I think we’ll be taking that tomorrow on our way out of Boulder.


Our hotel gave us an upgrade, so we enjoyed a really nice and relaxing evening in a king size bed watching South Park episodes on TV.

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