Preparations for Passage Departure to Tahiti

10 Apr

We have spent the last week at Hawaii Yacht Club working on system checks and provisioning the boat for the three week long upcoming passage to French Polynesia.
We are now back in Pokai Bay waiting for a good weather window South – that’s sailor speak for ‘checking Predict Wind twice a day and making sure there is enough wind from the right direction to sail through the doldrums to Rangiroa and Tahiti’. It looks like the usual trade wind pattern is finally settling in and we are hopeful for an opening soon.
Today was spent picking up our last pieces of mail, buying more ham and cheese, cleaning the bottom of the boat (Petter 1 – Algae 0), and making sure our Iridium GO! Satellite works as expected. I am posting this blog entry through the satellite connection, so if you can see this post it means it worked. More updates on our ETA for departure soon!

Octavia and Petter

2 Replies to “Preparations for Passage Departure to Tahiti

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about your next adventure on Bella Marina to another fabulous locations! Love you guys and safe travels! ❤️❤️⚓️

  2. Iridium GO is working fine! Hoping for a great departure and speedy crossing!!

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