Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 5. Sunday arrives a day late.

16 Apr

On the ocean, one day bleeds into the next and you quickly loose track of what day it is. If it wasn’t for our iPad I would have no clue. Our Saturday hopes of having a movie night literally got drenched by a rather hefty squall. The autopilot, our most valued crew member, doesn’t do so well in squalls. Squalls either bring no wind or too much wind bundled with confusing waves and sometimes rain. This one brought massive amounts of rain and lasted for more than an hour, so by the time we had changed into dry clothes, our need for sleep outweighed our want for a movie.

However, the day after we tempted a movie again, and this time we made it through, complete with cokes and other ‘deadly’ yet so delicious snacks. We had more squalls showing on the radar throughout the night, but all missed us and the autopilot remained in charge of the helm.

So here we are on a Monday, feeling like it’s Sunday as the original Sunday fused with Saturday. We’re a little groggy from the rough night before, a long movie and junk food. Naturally we’re recuperating by having more snacks and junk food, celebrating not doing anything at all except lying in bed or on the couch doing as little as possible. Normally, one would geek out on Facebook or YouTube, but those things don’t exist on the ocean, so we geek out reading a book instead, all about sailing of course.

The ocean swells, which have been large since we left Hawaii, should start calming down in a day or two (at least according to the forecast). We’re excited to experience some new conditions this week (a week which could start Tuesday or Wednesday as per Captain’s privilege) just to change things up. Also a little less rocking would be a good reason to do a little boat cleaning, something we are in dire need of after becoming rather extra salty sailors. A proper shower might even be in our future. 🙂

Aloha from Petter and Octavia

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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed about your journey. We just spent 4 days with Terry on Koru and it rained so hard we stayed docked at Port Madison and completed a bunch of projects.
    We think of you every day and wonder what challenges you will face. Praying for your safety and boat needing no repairs.

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