Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 6. Easting

17 Apr

We’ve constantly been beating upwind, since we left Hawaii, but progress east has been slow. Until today. Finally, we’re getting close to the equator. The north equatorial current was pushing us west, combined with waves and wind also pushing us west. It seems we just escaped it’s clutches, as the current started easing off and we’re now able to make a more easterly track. Soon, there will be a counter current in our favor, but once south of the equator the westerly south equatorial current will kick in again pushing us west. So the plan: make as much easterly traction as possible for a buffer. It’s very easy to sail west again.

As we’ve been getting closer to the equator, the boat has been getting hotter. We’ve been sweating beneath small fans in the cabin and today I took the opportunity to cool off with a salty shower in the cockpit. The waves and wind are still persisting, but we’re expecting them to calm down any moment now. Still another 1500 nautical miles to go, but the memory of Hawaiian waters are already starting to fade. For now, we’re watching the number slowly creep closer to our goal. It’s like watching paint dry, except paint dries so much faster.

Aloha from Petter and Octavia