Seneca and the Sea

10 May

Seneca and the Sea or How to hack your hedonic adaptation by sailing across an Ocean Before setting off on this trip I read an article by Mr Money Mustache on hacking hedonic adaptation and his tips on prolonging the … Read More »

Rangiroa Cruising Notes: First impressions

8 May

We arrived in Rangiroa last week after our long 20 day passage against wind and waves from Hawaii. Rangiroa’s palm tree line was a welcome sight, and after waiting for a couple of hours outside the pass for slack tide … Read More »

Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 18. Diesel rocks

29 Apr

Finally, it was prophesied it would happen. The waves calmed down. But so did the wind. Instead of having 12-14 knots as predicted, we currently only have 4. So we’re converting to power boating. We just passed our 200 nautical … Read More »