King Harbor, Redondo Beach

15 Oct

It’s been a couple of rainy days as a big storm system is blowing through. It made for a pretty rolley anchorage for a couple of hours last night in Avalon Harbor. You know it’s Southern California though when despite the rain and drizzle, it’s still a balmy 20 degrees C.

Today we did the crossing from Catalina Island to Redondo Beach on the ‘mainland’. We saw some huge swells, but no wind, so it was motoring all the way. Oh well. The pelicans kept us company, but we didn’t see any of the other usual sea life.

We’re docked at King Harbor Yacht Club, right behind the breakwater. The high surf, leftover from the storm, is crashing over from time to time with a thunder-like sound. It’s a pretty cool spectacle, and we have front row seats.