San Diego

30 Oct

We’ve been in San Diego for five days now, sampling some of the Yacht Clubs on Shelter Island. We’ve been running errands – not too many- while trying to still have some fun, or at least purchase the tools to have fun with later. Our most exciting recent investment was an AirLine hookah, an engine/compressor gizmo that allows us to both dive up to 60 feet with no tanks. We’re planning to stop in a lot of spots in Baja and try it out :D.

Shelter Island in San Diego is perfectly located right next to tons of marine stores and services, which makes working on last minute projects pretty easy and convenient. A lot of stuff is getting done on the boat, but we’re starting to lose that eternal vacation feeling we started getting in Newport, so we’ll escape to Coronado for the weekend. Then it’s off to Mexico and Baja California sometimes next week! We’re planning to split the passage in day trips and stay in anchorages down the way, after checking in in Ensenada. And we’ll be getting a Mexico cell phone data card, so the blogs will keep on coming.

Oh, we’ve weathered a ‘winter storm’ while at dock here. We had some wind, nothing like we haven’t seen in the PNW, and the sky *gasp* covered in clouds for a day. All the locals were complaining about how cold it got: 20 degrees C. That’s about 68 for you Fahrenheit addicts. Pretty close to Seattle summer, if you ask me 🙂

We’ll write again before we take off to Mexico. Cheerios and Hasta la Vista!