A cloudy day in Mexico

25 Nov

Today we woke up to clouds and a chilly wind in our anchorage in Calleta Partida in Isla Espiritu Santo. The same Pineapple Express that’s dumping tons of rain over the Northwest is sending wisps of clouds thick enough to … Read More »

Islas Espiritu Santos

24 Nov

After a week in La Paz we headed over to some of the Islands North in the Sea of Cortez: Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida. Our friend Gil was visiting from Seattle so we decided to run from civilization for … Read More »

Ensenada to La Paz

15 Nov

We spent 5 days coming down the Baja California coast from Ensenada past Los Cabos. We had pretty decent winds, sailing about two thirds of the way. The rest was motoring – after all, we were eager to get there … Read More »

San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico

5 Nov

We had a rather windless day today, motoring all the way from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico. We left San Diego early in the morning and worked our way through layers of fog until the sun cleared it all away. … Read More »

Leaving San Diego

4 Nov

This is it, folks! Last night in San Diego. The fog has rolled in this evening, telling us it’s time we head South to warmer weather. We are leaving tomorrow morning, first thing in thing in the morning, and planning … Read More »