Activities, activities!

30 Dec

Life at a resort is pretty sweet. We wake up around noon PV time, which is really 11 local time, so we don’t feel quite as bad, go for a swim in the lap pool to exercise all the previous day’s Pina Colada’s off, then ‘move’ to the lounging pool for some sunning, tanning and more floating around. Sometimes we throw in some body surfing at the beach for extra flavor, then it’s happy hour again.

Every day we pass by the Starbucks (yes, they have a Starbucks and a Wallmart and a Costco here) there is a guy who always tries to sell us activities. It’s funny, because we say no every day, so that makes about 14 rejections so far, but he’s relentless. “Amigos, want to go dive? Want to go surf? Zipline? Golf?” Which brings me to the Activities we’ve been doing on our own.

First, it was the dive we did with Erin, Brian, and Brady (Brian’s brother). If you don’t know who Erin and Brian are, you need to catch up on some blog reading 🙂 We all went on Delos to Las Tres Marietas, a national park and one of the best diving sites in Banderas Bay. We had an awesome dive, saw lots of reef fishes and urchins and sea stars, and even a couple of eels. We got there just in time to get one dive in before the big Vallarta Adventures boat landed in the anchorage spilling about a hundred pink tourists into the bay, neon green floaties and snorkels included. So we decided to take a break, have lunch and watch the show. Which was highly entertaining, especially after the mooring ball started drifting to sea with the boat still tied to it. We had a relaxing sail back home after another dive, and we ended the day with a yummy dinner and drinks.

Then, it was the night out in Bucerias with our friends. Fried bananas on the street, cola in a bag, and an awesome brazilo-latino-afro-fusion band playing at the Shamrock, a tiny Irish bar in the middle of a Mexican town. Awesome!

And last but not least, we connected with our friends from Seattle and SYC for a day of surfing and fun in the sun in Punta de Mita where they have this gorgeous villa right on the beach, within a stone’s throw of a pretty good break. Thanks Kim and Pat for a gorgeous day! And thanks Gina and Kit for making sure we got in touch!

Las Tres Marietas:


Crazy rock formations and caves at the Marietas:


Brady diving down the anchor chain:


Colorful reef fish:




We found Rudolf at the marina!


Iguana visiting with us at the pool:


Chillin’ at the resort:




Surfing in style in Punta de Mita:




Surfer dudes recovering after a hard day’s work: