In Tenacatita

28 Feb

We’re back in Mexico! And the Tsunami came and went, it was only about 2 feet… thanks everyone for your concern 🙂 All good in sunny land!

Norwegian Post

16 Feb

Some days ago we had dinner at aunt Grete and uncle Bjorn’s place, and got to play in their Igloo that uncle Bjorn built out on the patio. Apparently this is a pretty popular past time in Norway 🙂 Uncle … Read More »

Another type of Cyclone

10 Feb

There’s a big mean Mediterranean Cyclone blowing over Romania right now and bringing blizzard conditions over the Southern part (that’s where I am). Winds are clocking at 80 mph and it’s snowing frozen cats and dogs… Not to worry though, … Read More »

Breakfast of Champions

8 Feb

Glogg for breakfast: Training for the Olympics. I unfortunately forgot my skis in Norway… Meatatarians unite. This somehow reminds me of Portugal… More breakfast foods, by the barrel: