Back in Baja

3 May

We arrived on the Baja side of the Sea of Cortez yesterday after a bouncy ride from Mazatlan. We anchored in Los Frailes, our first Mexican anchorage after our trip down Baja in November. We had almost forgotten how beautiful and striking the desert is set against the blues and teals of the anchorages up here. While the mainland anchorages are majestic with the tall, lush Sierras covered in jungle always in the background, the Baja ones have a special lunar beauty about them. The light has a special quality here. The water was warm once again since summer is quickly approaching. We swam and dove on the boat and enjoyed the pristine clear blue waters.


Today we moved to Puerto Los Cabos, one of the new marinas in San Jose del Cabo. This was we’ll be closer to Cabo Falso, the first major  headland we have to round. We’ve been watching the weather really carefully and it looks like we’ll have favorable conditions in a couple of days.

Sunset over Puerto Los Cabos: