Finish line

24 Oct

At 22:30 Pacific Time October 24th 2015 I finally rounded south of Diamond Head on Oahu marking the end of my passage from San Francisco to Honolulu. My final destination is Ko-Olina Marina, just west of Honolulu and I should … Read More »

Day 17: Land

24 Oct

I woke up this morning to the sight of land. Maui and Molokai barely visible in the distance. As the day progressed, the land became bigger. Today was a sunny day and I finally got to set my spinnaker shortly … Read More »

Day 16: More rain, more movies

24 Oct

Another day of rain, little wind and not much chance to play with the spinnaker. I spent most of my day inside a muggy boat watching movies. Good thing I brought my entire collection. On the plus side, motoring is … Read More »

Day 15: Shipspotting

23 Oct

Today was another day with multiple shower storms passing by. The trades also died. Well, not completely, but less than 10 knots of wind makes it hard to sail straight down wind. Especially, when the waves are kicking your boat … Read More »

Day 14: Coconut cookies

21 Oct

This morning I finally past the 500 nautical mile mark. In fact, I might even make it to the 400 mark by the end of the day. Either way, I'm celebrating by having my coconut cookies. In hindsight, I should … Read More »