Day 2: Fog, like its the Northwest

9 Oct

It's end of Day 2 of sailing to Hawaii and while conditions have been varied, it's overall been a fantastic two first days. Everyone says the first few days are the hardest. You have to break away from land and you generally don't get favorable conditions for doing so. The first day had more wind than expected and I was making good speed, but was also getting tossed around a bit by the short and sharp shore swells. Then came night and the wind died. Right after midnight, I started the engine, which I had running until about 4pm today. I carry a 100 gallons of fuel, so a little motoring is in my budget. With lack of wind there were also lack of waves and it was a very nice quiet night and day of motoring. Now I'm back to full sails. Getting more of an ocean swell now, which is pretty comfortable. Speeds were up to 7 knots for a while, but as I write this I can tell the wind is dying down. I suspect I might have to run the engine again tonight, but if the forecast is right,

the winds should finally kick in late tomorrow afternoon.