Day 9: Nighttime squalls and daytime chores

17 Oct

Last night around 3 am I was rudely awaken by my radar alarm. A target only 3 nm out according to the fuzzy blip. Didn't look right, so I stepped out and immediately realized what it was. It was starting to rain and the radar had picked up a squall or small storm. I barely had time to get my foul weather gear on, before it was coming down hard. The wind piped up and the waves were equally nasty. I ended up riding this little storm for almost two hours. Think Volvo Ocean Racing with bow buried in the wave, spray coming over the bow etc. The movie Captain Ron has a similar scene in it. (but without sails). Afterwards I was absolutely exhausted, but the boat settled into some nice calm winds and I managed to get a few hours sleep.

I woke up to the exact opposite. Another prefect day of sailing. I've got my auto pilot pretty dialed in, so I let Auto steer the whole day. Instead, I got a few chores done. Cleaned up some loose things in the boat, dried my soaked clothes, made some essential water etc. Pretty productive day, especially after two long days of bad weather sailing. Feels like a Sunday, although it's only Friday. I topped it off with rewarding myself with steak for dinner, then a movie.

The current tack is taking me almost straight to Hawaii. Should last well into the night and by the time I gybe, I should be halfway between San Francisco and Honolulu. Looks like I could be there in 9 days or even less if the winds are on my extra good side.

Captain Petter from S/V Bella Marina