Ride to East – Day 11

12 Sep

Oil Greenville, SC to Alexandria, VA (490 miles) There’s nothing like a little engine problem to put a damper on your day after riding 2,500 miles out of 3,000.  Yesterday was a big riding day and I was determined not … Read More »

Ride to East – Day 10

10 Sep

More miles New Orleans, LA to Greenville, SC (619 miles) I started the day determined to put some miles behind me and make it as far as Atlanta.  Didn’t help that I got a late start.  It was 10:30 by … Read More »

Ride to East – Day 9

9 Sep

Beignets Alexandria, LA to New Orleans (214 miles) The ride to New Orleans was short and easy.  Once I got to Baton Rouge it was also one of the most interesting in terms of scenery (at least for a while), … Read More »

Ride to East – Day 8

8 Sep

Alexandria Dallas, TX to Alexandria, LA (299 miles) No, this is not my final destination.  Alexandria, VA is, not Alexandria, LA.  Wouldn’t be the first time a name has been reused in the US.  I passed through Santa Rosa, New … Read More »

Ride to East – Day 7

7 Sep

Texas Amarillo, TX to Dallas, TX (362 miles) I was expecting oil fields, but instead I got cows, green fields and windmills.  At first glance, Texas looks greener than Oregon.  Since I was so close to Oklahoma, I took the … Read More »