Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 4. Milestones

15 Apr

Today marks 500 miles sailed so far, with 1770 miles to go to our destination. It also marks us sailing south of 14 degrees North, which is the mirror latitude for the Tuamotus archipelago where we are headed. That means the Equator is about half way between here and Rangiroa.

It’s been squally last night and today, with lots of furling and riding over some very confused seas. We think this is because we are going over an area where the currents are changing and opposing the winds. It’s about as comfortable as any exposed Hawaiian offshore anchorage we’ve been to ;P
According to the forecast, the conditions are supposed to get smoother on Tuesday and we look forward to bouncing around less.

For those of you expressing concern: the rod kicker is an non-essential equipment piece and is not part of the structure of the mast. Petter sailed almost all the way from San Francisco to Hawaii without it, and we are strongly considering not putting it back on 🙂

Aloha from Octavia and Petter

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  1. We’re following your travels. Sounds like things are going well so far. We loved Rangiroa. We spent 10 of our 90 days there. You’re gonna’ love it.
    Miss you guys.

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