Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 9. Halfway point

20 Apr

We’re finally half way to our destination. Of our 9 days at sea, only one has been favorable, with the rest of them containing choppy big-wave waters with winds typically in the 20s providing a violent and noisy ride. Our nights have included responding to radar alerts of approaching squalls and unfavorable wind shifts and currents. But our 1 great day was quite pleasant. Waves that didn’t pound or bash the boat around, predictable wind, no squalls, sun to re-charge our batteries and a smooth ride.

Now that we’re approaching the equator, our outlook is improving. Currents are more favorable (at least for now), waves are generally smaller and winds still persist to keep us going towards our target.

The half way point is a powerful force. Instead of sailing further out into the ocean, you’re now sailing closer to your destination with promise of calm waters, paradise and cold drinks. It keeps you focused on your task at hand. You know you’ve dealt with crap for the first half, and you can deal for just a little longer, now that you can see the end. You become a first class modern sailor by focusing on the little adjustments to get you there the fastest. A few degrees to port, a little adjustment in the sails, you’ve already tested most of the combinations and know the micro adjustments necessary. You stare at your chart plotter watching distance to target slowly dwindle. Sometimes you just stare at the wind numbers and try to bend them your way. It doesn’t work, but you got nothing but time to try.

So here we are less than 1200 miles from our destination, currently trying to east before we cross the equator in less than 300 miles. Our wind direction the best in a long while at 076 degrees (north east), I won’t dare mention the worst direction. Winds are a little slow at only 10 knots, but if I keep staring at it, it might go to 12, but if my Jedi powers fail we’ll pull out more sail. Another 1200 miles to go, but we’re practically there and it’s too late to turn back now, so we keep sailing into the night following the southern cross.

Aloha from Petter and Octavia

2 Replies to “Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 9. Halfway point

  1. You guys are amazing! Love you both and can already see you on the beach with a beverage at your destination!! ☀️⚓️

  2. You have obviously entered an area where sea traffic is not expected. Your writing is very good and interesting reading material. Just looked at your map and observe that Bella Marina has her nose heading south west rather than south east. Hope that it is just coincidental due to sail adjustments. Assume you will reach your target around coming week-end.

    Continued fair winds to you both,


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