Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 18. Diesel rocks

29 Apr

Finally, it was prophesied it would happen. The waves calmed down. But so did the wind. Instead of having 12-14 knots as predicted, we currently only have 4. So we’re converting to power boating. We just passed our 200 nautical … Read More »

Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 17. Still waves

28 Apr

Another day, still plenty of wind, waves and squalls. Thanks PredictWind! The False Prophet says it will die down tomorrow. Where did we hear that before. So we endure the wind, the waves and the squalls, it’s starting to get … Read More »

Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 13. Minefield

24 Apr

We’d already spotted the occasional AIS target, but until you can see them, they’re sort of just virtual. Last night started off by actually sailing close enough to a fishing vessel to physically see it. We even spotted a buoy … Read More »