24 hours to departure

7 Oct

Less than 24 hours to finish up all my boat tasks and set sail for Hawaii.  Here’s a boat selfie after installing a new antenna at the top of the mast. Captain Petter blogging from S/V Bella Marina

I’m at it again

27 Sep

It’s been more than a year since we got back for our cruise to Mexico. We are now officially part of the rat race, jobs, commute, traffic, etc. The only thing that separates us from the rest, is that we … Read More »

It’s finally time again!

12 Aug

In my mind, there’s always one thing that separates weekend and coastal cruisers from the serious adventurer: The life raft. I just bought a new 4 person offshore life raft, and that only means one thing aboard Bella Marina: Offshore … Read More »

Monterey to San Francisco

6 Sep

Monterey is a cute place to stay, but weather conditions were ideal for a Saturday through Sunday departure. This time, hopefully, the forecast would be a little more accurate. To meet favorable current in San Francisco, I had to leave, … Read More »

Morro Bay to Monterey

6 Sep

Originally, I expected to be in Morro Bay until Sunday, but the forecast had changed, predicting winds of less than 10 knots for Thursday evening and night. I saw an opportunity to get away from Point Conception and the Santa … Read More »