Ride to West – Day 5

8 Jun

New chain Kansas City, MO to Colby, Kansas (381 miles) I started the day, by getting some of my tools out in an attempt to tighten the chain.  Of course, even though I did have tools for the job, the … Read More »

Ride to West – Day 4

7 Jun

BreakageSt. Louis, MO to Kansas City, MO (248 miles) After such a wet ride the day before, it was good to wake up to sunshine and dry roads.  In fact, it was hotter than ever, predicted to reach 90 during … Read More »

Ride to West – Day 3

7 Jun

RainLouisville, KY to St Louis, MO (261 miles) The ride started out flat and uneventful.  We passed by a gang of bikers riding Gold Wings and my rear end was feeling a little jealous.  Sitting on a motorcycle is far … Read More »

Ride to West – Day 2

6 Jun

Derby Charleston, WV to Louisville, KY (246 miles) Even though it should be a straight shot from Charleston to Louisville on I-64, I’ve gotten a little dependent on Internet to verify everything I do, so with no cel coverage we … Read More »

Ride to West – Day 1

6 Jun

Country roads Alexandria, VA to Charleston, WV (368 miles) It’s been a while, since I did a motorcycle ride  to east.  Lots of stuff has happened in between. For one, we left California and moved to Hawaii, but more about … Read More »