Rangiroa to Tahiti: Day 2

13 May

We made good progress overnight motor-sailing in light wind conditions. Less than 70 miles to go, and we are starting to hear the VHF French Coastguard security messages for the Society Islands. We need to slow down a bit in … Read More »

Rangiroa to Tahiti: Day 1

12 May

We spent 10 beautiful days on Rangiroa and fully enjoyed the quiet and protected anchorage, amazing snorkeling and sea life, and sparkling clear blue waters. Yesterday we snorkeled and dove at the Aquarium right off the Tiputa pass, and then … Read More »

Seneca and the Sea

10 May

Seneca and the Sea or How to hack your hedonic adaptation by sailing across an Ocean Before setting off on this trip I read an article by Mr Money Mustache on hacking hedonic adaptation and his tips on prolonging the … Read More »