The Boat

Drone Shot Skinny
Sailing at the end of the Rainbow, Maui, Hawaii

Bella Marina is a Hunter 44 Deck Salon and she has been our floating home since we bought her in Seattle in February 2005. She was built in Florida and just like her owners likes tropical waters and weather, which explains her travels that took her South to California, Mexico, and Hawaii. She is a sloop who likes boisterous sailing and doesn’t shy away from crossing an ocean or two in the process.

Crossing the North Pacific Ocean, San Francisco to Hawaii

The Name

Bella Marina is named after Octavia’s mother. She has a couple of namesakes herself, including Bella Marina the Dog.

Checking out the future Bella Marina at the Seattle Boat Show

The Systems

She is a well equipped boat for cruising with solar panels for that sweet, sweet electrical juice, a reverse osmosis system that turns salt water into fresh, fridge, freezer, hydronic water heater, upgraded tankage, upgraded anchor, and lots of storage. Although you can always have more solar panels…

We optimized her for comfortable living with a Sleep Number bed, Splendide washer and drier, dishwasher, Tecma electric toilets, his and hers bathrooms, and most importantly a Nespresso machine.

Here are some of Bella Marina’s systems as represented in Quartermaster:


The Legend

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