Angel Island

22 Sep

We left San Rafael today to explore the Bay a little bit more. We decided to anchor at Angel Island, which is the closest San Francisco bay will come to ‘gunkholing’. Excluding the Delta, of course. China Cove is a pretty small and open anchorage by PNW standards, but it’s protecting us from the preveiling Westerlies. It’s still really rolly though – it seems to be a theme with anchorages around here…

We spent three awesome days at Marin Yacht Club in San Rafael. Super accomodating staff, great facilities, and got fed margaritas by the pool by friendly members. We spend the time cleaning the boat in the morning and hanging out by the pool in the afternoons… or just hanging out by the pool. The marina staff seemed to be obsessed with helping us get rid of the yellow spots on the white boot strap next to our waterline. Really, by my standards, it’s pretty clean… you can barely see the Lake Union stains. Not clean enough for California standards though, apparently.

On Wednesday we’ll head over to South Bay, where we finally found a marina with deep enough water to accomodate our draft. So much water, yet so shallow… It takes some mental adjusting. I never had to consider before a marina would not be deep enough!

We were thinking about heading up the river to explore the Sacramento Delta, but again it looks shallow and I heard the mosquitos are fierce up there. Maybe next time…

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