Overnight passage to Maui

30 Dec
After a few stressful days of stitching the boat together after breakages from the epic passage to the Hawaiian Islands, Bella Marina is finally on her way to Maui to explore some of the anchorages there and enjoy some fun in the sun.
The rod kicker has been reattached to the mast and both headsail and furler repaired. More on that later. For now I’m enjoying a quiet overnight passage from Oahu to the channel between Molokai and Lanai and then straight to Maui, probably landing somewhere around Lahaina.
Around me downstairs I’m surrounded by red lights giving flashbacks of my trip here. God it’s good to be sailing again!  We have friends from France joining us for this trip and they’re taking the first shift. I’ll be up in a few hours just in time for the rounding of Molokai.
Stay tuned for more on our Maui adventures.