Ride to East – Day 8

8 Sep
Dallas, TX to Alexandria, LA (299 miles)

No, this is not my final destination.  Alexandria, VA is, not Alexandria, LA.  Wouldn’t be the first time a name has been reused in the US.  I passed through Santa Rosa, New Mexico, but I’m more familiar with Santa Rosa, California.  And I think there’s a second Las Vegas in New Mexico as well.  If your GPS took you to that one instead, I’m thinking you might be a little bit disappointed.  In any case, fitting that I’m in Alexandria, now that I have exactly 1000 miles to go after covering about 2000.

Today’s ride was rather uneventful.  I was exhausted from yesterday, and slept in until 10 am, didn’t get on the road until noon.  That required some catching up, so I rode the rest of the day with only a single break for coffee and was able to cover 300 miles in 6 hours.  I actually made it to my destination before sunset.  I even had time for a quick jump in the pool, which was much needed as Louisiana is both hot and humid. I’m definitively in the southern states now.  Tomorrow, I’ll hopefully get an early start and make it to New Orleans for some famous beignets, before turning back north.

Petter on his Ducati Multistrada 1100S