Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 19. Final day

30 Apr

Finally, we have less than 100 miles and 24 hours sailing to our destination. The winds picked up a bit, so we started sailing again, but today is our sprint. Although, since we have to time our arrival with the slack tide at the Rangiroa pass, it’s more like a log race. We’re constantly checking our speed and course, calculating our estimated arrival.

Today is also the first (and last) day when the sea state was pleasant enough for a couple of hours of what we call ‘Champagne sailing’, although the actual Champagne is saved for our arrival. It’s probably not going to last, but we’ll take it.

We’ll probably both be up all night to get the arrival time and navigation right. It’s gonna be a long one, so we’ve got coffee, coke and snacks ready. Almost there!

Aloha from Petter and Octavia

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