Day 15: Shipspotting

23 Oct

Today was another day with multiple shower storms passing by. The trades also died. Well, not completely, but less than 10 knots of wind makes it hard to sail straight down wind. Especially, when the waves are kicking your boat … Read More »

Day 14: Coconut cookies

21 Oct

This morning I finally past the 500 nautical mile mark. In fact, I might even make it to the 400 mark by the end of the day. Either way, I'm celebrating by having my coconut cookies. In hindsight, I should … Read More »

Day 13: Night time sail change

20 Oct

At 3 am I woke up to loud banging in the rig. On the ocean, your boat rolls back and forth all the time. If there's no wind to fill your sails, your sail will flap back and forth creating … Read More »

Day 12: Rain???

19 Oct

Yep, I woke up to rain. On the ocean there's usually a wind change that occurs right before the rain, so if you're sailing, rain will wake you up. Especially, if you have Raymarine. 🙂 Free boat wash for 1 … Read More »

Day 11: Sun day, fun day

18 Oct

Going downwind creates a rolling motion back and forth, plus a lot of loud squeaking wood noises. Didn't help that the auto pilot's wind change alarm was going off all night. Thanks, Raymarine, for building an alarm that not just … Read More »