Ride to West – Day 7

10 Jun

Boulder, CO to Grand Junction, CO (256 miles)

We started the ride by taking the mountain road from Boulder and had a fantastic ride through twisty roads and beautiful scenery. When we arrived back on I-70, we were still riding in canyons with more beautiful scenery.

We stopped in Vail to get a taste of this well known ski resort. There was still patches of snow to be seen, even all the way down to the road and not just the mountain tops, but of course the roads were dry. It was chilly and we had all our gear on, but as we descended down from Vail it quickly got warmer.

Today was the most beautiful and interesting ride so far, but because the roads twisted back and forth we arrived quite tired. Our bodies are taking a toll from all the riding. We still got one more day to go and tomorrow is looking to be a really long one.