Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 13. Minefield

24 Apr

We’d already spotted the occasional AIS target, but until you can see them, they’re sort of just virtual. Last night started off by actually sailing close enough to a fishing vessel to physically see it. We even spotted a buoy … Read More »

Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 12. Shellbacks

23 Apr

We crossed to Equator last night right before midnight. We are now officially Shellbacks, a term used by old times sailors to designate those who have made the trip across the imaginary line. This is a huge personal accomplishment for … Read More »

Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 11. Lift

22 Apr

Yesterday afternoon, we tacked down south again, hoping to make some progress to the equator. It didn’t look good, our heading was dead south, and we need to keep moving east to make our destination. I took control from the … Read More »