Where the streets have no name

5 Mar

We’re in Barra de Navidad, safely anchored in the calmest and most quiet anchorage south of Poulsbo, WA… The anchorage is in a lagoon protected from the constant Pacific swell by two breakwaters and a sand bar. Which makes it tricky to find your way in without running aground, but super flat and quiet once you’ve made it… Thankfully we arrived here following in Delos’ experienced wake – literally, about 10 feet behind.

We arrived here after our trip South from Banderas Bay, with brief stops in Ipala, Chamela, and longer stops in Tenacatita and Melaque, right before getting to Barra. Tenacatita was awesome and we’re looking forward to spending a couple of weeks there on the way back North. We even watched Norway win the 50 Km cross-country ski race in the Olympics from a sports bar under the shade of palm trees… Go Petter!

We’re getting ready to go check out the town we’ve heard so much about. According to the morning VHF radio net, where local cruisers converge on the radio waves to share information about the weather, currents, arrivals and departures, and local info, a lot of the streets of Barra have no names once you get out of the central 3 by 4 blocks, so most directions are given in a “take a left at the big palm tree” fashion. Aaaaah, the South Seas… 🙂

The colorful town of La Barra de Navidad:


Following Delos into the Lagoon:


In order to avoid running into this:


Melaque anchorage, barely protected from the swell by a rock reef:



Leaving Seattle: