80’s is the new 70’s

11 Apr

It’s been getting pretty hot down here in Banderas Bay. The days are longer and hotter and the nights are staying warm and humid. Thankfully we are getting acclimatized, so 80’s feels more like 70’s and 90’s feels more like 80’s…

Don’t feed the happy crocodiles at Paradise Village marina:


We’ve been in Paradise Village marina for a week now, after sending off our friends on Delos, Capaz and Totem from La Cruz. They are all on their way to the South Pacific, racing each other, obviously, to the Marquesas. We’ve been having lots of fun plotting their positions on the map and keeping up with their daily progress.

Saying goodbye to Delos:


We’re also been enjoying Leslie’s visit, our good friend from Seattle. It’s good to just lounge by the pool again after a couple of months of ‘heavy’ cruising 🙂