Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 2. Big Island, Little wind

13 Apr

Yesterday was not the greatest of starts to our voyage. While the first night was a calm one, on Thursday morning we ran into squalls and no wind leeward of the Big Island. Sadly, the sea didn’t get the memo and raged on, and we ended up motoring for 9 hours while our belongings were getting tossed around down below. Finally, just before midnight, we found the wind, and plenty of it, and Bella Marina sailed on like a freight train in a more predictable sea state. The wind kept on coming, and we had to furl once during the night and once more at dawn. Now, we’re pointing exactly where we want to go with plenty of winds to take us there. It’s a little rough, but nothing our girl can’t handle and we hope by end of Saturday, the winds (and hopefully waves too) will calm down for a comfortable Sunday.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Aloha from Petter and Octavia

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  1. Be safe my friends!! Sending lots of love hugs and prayers for a wonderful passing! ❤️⚓️

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