Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 14. Routine

25 Apr

After enough time at sea, the days are starting to blend into each other. It feels like after two weeks we should be there already, but the passage is more on the three week range and this last week just seems to stretch on and on.

Offshore routines repeat day after day: night watch, the AIS alarms, the radar alarms for the squalls, furling the sails, unfurling them, the squalls are stealing the wind again and we are going slow, or pushing us west again, noon report in the log, another ham and cheese sandwich, more easting, checking the weather report, are we there yet, here comes another squall, another giant fishing net grid to avoid, another book, another movie.

We had hopes of a fast last part of the passage, but the wind, contrary to the weather report, had something different in mind. We’ve been going agonizingly slow for the last day, jumping from squall to squall in low and variable winds. Here’s hoping to more clear weather and fair winds tomorrow!

Aloha from Octavia and Petter