Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 15. Squalls

26 Apr

Last night and today we had a series of pretty nasty squalls with lots of rain and wind. I guess we are finally in the infamous doldrums, or the ITCZ – the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. We even saw some lightning last night, which is pretty unusual for us and the type of sailing we’ve been doing. It’s all part of the Equatorial package I guess.

It feels a bit like that episode of Battlestar Galactica when the Cylons keep finding the ship every 40 minutes and they are forced to do another jump – except we’re dodging squalls, not Cylons.

We are approaching the 500 mile mark to our destination, and looking forward to landfall. We just need to ditch these squalls first.

Aloha from Octavia and Petter