Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 16. Almost there

27 Apr

Just a few hundred miles left, 450 to be exact, we are ready for this sail to end. At seas for more than two weeks, getting hammered by ocean waves and wind, it has not been a pleasant passage as promised.

We use a service called PredictWind for weather forecast. It’s always been optimistic, predicting that in a few days, the seas will calm, or the wind angle will improve or something similar. But it’s always a few days out. When we started, all their models predicting we’d be running with the wind for 90% of the time. We’ve been beating against it for 100% of the time. So we’ve renamed PredictWind the False Prophet.

The False Prophet now says the winds and waves will die down tomorrow (as opposed to day 4 as originally predicted). We’ll see. In any case, we should only have 4-5 more days of sailing before me make it to Rangiroa. That’s a good thing, as moral is starting to fade. We’ve grown tired of reading books and watched all the good movies. We’ve especially grown tired of long nights watching the radar, responding to alarms and dodging squalls. But soon, very soon now, we’ll finally get there.

Aloha from Petter and Octavia

5 Replies to “Hawaii to Tahiti: Day 16. Almost there

  1. It’s been wonderful following your adventure sailing from Hawaii to Tahiti. The technology allowing for this is tremendous. It sure has been a challenging trip. Your stamina has been fantastic. Our fingers are crossed hoping the remaining miles pass faster than your xpct.
    Very best wishes
    Stephen and Fran Hill

  2. Following your daily blogs your family here is hoping that you will get a nice sprint to your final destination. Have used the imagination to figure out what is driving persons to spend so many days on moving from A to B when modern airplanes can bring you there in a few yours. It surely reminds you how previous generations struggled to survive and the fairy tales of clippers moving merchandise around in the world becomes more and more impressive. Keep up the spirits as you are soon to land on solid ground for a nice meal and celebration.

  3. We’re feeling your pain. It will be worth it once you arrive.
    Love to you both
    Dan & Marla

  4. We will celebrate with you when this journey is checked off the bucket list. Remain safe, remain upbeat and positive. I am eager to hear when you will be cooking bacon!

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